Agatha Tutia



About Me

Well, howdy! My name is Agatha Tutia. I'm currently a Master in Human-Computer Interaction + Design candidate at the University of Washington in Seattle. I will be graduating August 2018 and am currently seeking employment within the design industry.

In high school, I loved theatre, the storytelling, the human connection, but I also shined to History and Math. I think I was always drawn to the arts and practicality. And it showed in undergrad. Freshman year, I majored in Anthropology to Computer Science and then finally, Management Information Systems (which was the business-friendly cousin to CS). Then I decided to take an Intro to Graphic Design course, and that class peaked my first official look into the design world.

After interning as a Visual Designer for in Summer 2016, I shadowed all the redesign meetings for 6pm (their sister site) and encountered the UX Team. I realized that's what I wanted to do: User Experience. A couple months later, I applied to Design schools to master my skills and form my education. December 2016, I graduated Magna Cum Laude in Management Information Systems and a Minor in Art (New Media) from Texas A&M University. And March 2017, I was received into the MHCI+D program where I study under today.

What sets me apart is my grit, drive, optimism, and passion to accomplish big design problems and passion projects. While I believe in creating for the sake of creating, I also believe in applying design processes to solving problems. But more so, I aim to design for the good of humanity.