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The Lost Words

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One of my New Years Resolution was to restart my Etsy shop The Lost Words. I was a sophomore when I started and lost track of it when my studies took up most of my time. That, and I just wasn't getting any orders. It's hard when no one wants your stuff.

I really felt ashamed for failing, but after leaving my job with 12th Man Productions and finishing up my #100daysofdesign, I had a restlessness. A new project needed my attention and after prayer and deliberation, I decided to tackle on my self-proclaimed failure and upcycle it into something I could be proud of.

Originally, I sold greeting cards, but looking at my old designs, I decided to forgo that path and reinvent myself. What could I do that represents The Lost Words? By this time, I was practicing my brush lettering after watching a tutorial on Skillshare, and it hit me. Why not focus on entirely hand lettered goods? I could start off small and slowly expand to vinyl stickers, coffee mugs, prints, greeting cards (again) and so much more!

After setting due dates and goals, I finally made The Lost Words live on Etsy again with new listings. I've gotten at least 5 customers and learned real life applications of an online venture. But I have a lot to learn, and here are some goals that I hope to achieve:

  • Reach 300 likes on Facebook
  • Ask friends to promote my product on Instagram
  • Sell 100 products by the end of the year

I've learned so much from this project so far and I hope to continue learning and hand letter pieces that someone out in the world will absolutely adore.

Check out The Lost Words here.