Agatha Tutia



Afters: The Anthology of Sweets

magazine cover

Our second project of the semester was to create your own magazine focused on a type of artist. Originally, I planned on featuring nature photographers, but honestly, I was really burned out from working with nature in my previous projects (Get Out of the Box, Glider Nation). So I decided to move forward with one of my favorite things in the world... DESSERTS! I absolutely LOVE cake, ice cream, truffles, lemon bars, chocolate mousse, cookies, and the list goes on. This was something I could really put forth my time, energy, and passion into.

Taking inspiration from Darling, Variety, and a Simple Weddings magazine that I bought spur of the moment 3 years ago, I delved into the world of layouts, grids, headlines, and body text. I knew I wanted my magazine to be modern, elegant, and simple like the desserts being featured. Cause let me tell you, these desserts be F-A-N-C-Y. This magazine was for those aspiring to learn from the greats and for foodies who appreciated their fine works.

My two interviews feature Duffy Goldman of Charm City Cakes and Maggie Austin of Maggie Austin Cake. Goldman is famous for his show "Ace of Cakes" and known for replicating people, places, and things into edible sweets. Austin has an international client base ever since starting in 2010 and has an Instagram account filled with amazing and whimsical cake posts. Researching and scrolling through their cakes made me one hungry designer. Both are truly talented in their own respective rights within the cake industry. And if they ever needed someone to test their cakes, I'd gladly volunteer my services.

Overall, I'm very darn proud of my work. In fact, this is my favorite completed project so far. I think when I did my #100daysofdesign challenge, I discovered and learned how text and image placement appears aesthetically to the audience. This magazine is a testament to that. Also, the girl at the print shop really liked it.

Last week, I struggled with my abilities as a graphic designer, but this week, I am confident once more that I do have a talent. It takes time to learn the ropes, but I'm roping nonetheless. I'd like to thank my professor, Donna Hajash, for challenging me. I know I can be silly and clueless, but you've helped me to realize how important it is to keep going. You have no idea how much of a better graphic designer I have become because of you. Really, though, a lot of my early pieces were really, really bad. Now, they're acceptable to the human eye! Anyways, thanks, Donna, and see you in class!