Agatha Tutia



Making the Magic: The Expansion of Walt Disney World

Whooping at Magic Kingdom in August 2014.

Whooping at Magic Kingdom in August 2014.

This is it, my last graphic design project for school. And ain't it just so much fun to look at? The last assignment was to make an infographic and I decided to base mine off of Walt Disney World. The Summer of 2014, my brother and I went to WDW with our cousins from Brazil, and we had a blast!

So with my love for WDW, I began my journey into designing an infographic. With Google Sheet, I documented a whole lot of numbers and facts (this was my primary focus in the beginning), watched several tutorials, and finally, began sketching. Soon after, I created a wireframe on Adobe Illustrator, spent hours researching and working on vectorized images, and finally composited everything after a couple of readjustments. Overall, the mood for the piece was to be playful, lively, fun, energetic, DISNEY which I believe I achieved. And I was so happy to finally use Archer in one of my projects (I'd been eyeing that sucker for a year).

What I think is so special about this specific project was that despite group projects, presentations, papers, and exams hindering my initial process, I eventually caught up with the class and presented a poster that I was really proud of a day before it was due.

I also produced a minute long clip using the layers from the poster on Adobe AfterEffects, but that won't be released until a later blog post. Oh, the lessons I learned form that!