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Zappos Intern: Week One

First day at Zappos!

First day at Zappos!

After months of waiting, three days of driving, and a lot of packing and unpacking, the first official week of my internship at Zappos began Monday, June 13, 2016. A-WHOOP! While I would looooove to write every detail, I'm going to share with you the highlights!

Click here to read my prelude to the internship.

-First day ever jitters and free breakfast
-Ate a lot of fruit
-Lots of paperwork!!
-Lunch with Varinia and Brian at Therapy, loved seeing my "managers" again (Zappos technically doesn't have managers)
-Kale salad I ordered took forever to eat and I felt so embarrassed, but whatevs
-Went on a tour of the company

-Picked up my sweet new Macbook for work
-Dined at the Bistro with my mentor group, Summer, Logan, Morgan, Rachel, and Madison
-Befriended a girl named Erisse in the bathroom after complimenting her awesome pizza shirt
-More employee training
-Improv games that led to a cat becoming a dead cat

-First real day of work
-Mostly attempted to sort through over 200 emails
-Hand lettered an Instagram post that went live
-Drew a lot of cats on a thank you box
-Went to cross training class that whipped my butt
-Talked to a guy named Brad, I think, after class and turns out he's from Houston, too! H-TOWN REPRESENT

-Learned how Holacracy works... for the most part
-Listened to phone calls with Customer Loyalty with Laurie and she's a boss
-Realized how important the call center is to servicing our customers

-Allergies went crazy and took some medicine and then got really drowsy during work
-Learned more on how the processes work at
-Ate lunch with Erisse cuz she's really really cool
-Went on a scavenger hunt around Zappos, if you were bombarded with my Instagram posts, I'm sorry
-Pool party with the interns AKA Zincos at the Downtown Grand
-Felt like a baller with camera guys filming us

As you can see, a lot happened that first week! Week two will feature a lot of real life work so stay tuned.