Agatha Tutia



Zappos Intern: Week Two to Four

watermelon eating

The summer is flying by and so is my adventure in Las Vegas. There's this creeping realization that I actually live here. WUT? The excitement of a new city, and not just any city, SIN CITY, has begun to wear off as streets, restaurants, suburbs have become more familiar. Turns out, Las Vegas isn't just about gambling, alcohol, and sex. Who knew?

Friends are here. Talented, amazing people work at Zappos and they're teaching me every day how this business works and what it takes to succeed together. The interns here are passionate and their thirst to learn and grow is inspiring. Artists create beautiful murals on the streets of Downtown, former Strip chefs head dozens of delicious restaurants, outdoor enthusiasts hike Mt. Charleston and the Red Rocks, and there's more yet to discover.

These past three weeks have been amazing. I've worked on plenty of design projects, shadowed so many positions involving 6PM, the sister site to Zappos that I work for, participated in a watermelon eating contest, finished my Whole30 diet (HELLOOOO SUGAR!), hiked up Mt. Charleston, drove to Phoenix and visited my best friend from high school and her boyfriend (shout out to Hayley and Ross for letting me third wheel), found a Shiner Ruby Redbird (my favorite summer Texas beer), checked out the photo studio where they take pictures of all the products, and earned my own money like a boss. It felt hella good. And did I mention that I get to basically wear whatever I want to work. I wore workout clothes a couple of day ago CUZ I DO WHAT I WANT. But really, it's kinda awesome.

While my experience has overall been DA BEST, my main struggle has been finding a Catholic community where I can feel totally myself at. I've been going to different churches, but I haven't found home yet. One of the Masses I went to, I cried because I missed St. Mary's, I missed Texas, and I missed my friends and family. Like serious ugly crying. Let me tell ya, it's way easier to be Catholic at home because I have that support and established community, but here, I'm alone, I'm starting over, and it's one of the most difficult transitions for me. Keeping up with prayer by myself isn't easy with no one holding me accountable and especially when I get caught up with the world. So please pray for me to pursue Christ with love and adoration, to never let my heart harden, and to lead my life with humility.

Every single day has really a blessing and as I write this, I know that after this internship, I will be forever changed. I can't wait for what the next six weeks will have in store in me. TBH, I hope it's pizza.

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