Agatha Tutia



half blade half silk



After working on the Windrose Magazine project, Ris Boras reached out to me to lay out a portfolio of her photography laced with poems by Rupi Kaur. How could I say no?

From my experience as a Visual Designer for 6pm/Zappos, I knew that people liked to scroll down lookbooks especially if they were on their phones. Ris wanted a very simple, neutral, but impactful aesthetic. And the poems needed to align to their respective picture (although I had some leeway to change those relationships or omit pairs if needed, but Ris tended to fight for a couple to make a comeback which I'm glad she did).

This particular project also has frozen in time a piece of my broken heart. In the midst of designing this one particular night, a relationship ended. Channeling this pain and hurt, I wanted to create something haunting and honest. Without the photography of Ris and the words of Rupi, this could not be done.

For this reason, I believe that while one person can do great things, a group of people can do the impossible.