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We Made a Podcast

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What do two best friends do when they are about to embark on a road trip for two weeks from Houston to Seattle? They make a podcast, ayyeee!

It pleasantly amuses me that Deanna and I initially joked in our early friendship that if we were to ever make a podcast, we'd buy a pizza each week, critique it and then talk about random stuff. We called it "BYOP" and it's still our idea so DIBS DIBS DIBS.

After finding out I was moving to Seattle to earn my Master in Human-Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington, I asked one of my best friends, Deanna, to road trip with me there from Houston. And she said yuh!

We knew we'd have an amazing adventure, that we'd explore the American landscape and revel in her beauty, but we wanted so much more from this experience. Both of us had been through major life transitions post-undergrad, and strongly yearned to digest and verbalize who we no longer were, who we were now, and who we wanted to be. We wanted to share our souls, our hardships, our triumphs. This was it. This was our moment before everything was to change again.

And we did.

Nine episodes. Six states. Two girls. One car. Zero car problems.

We ate sandwiches in front of the Prada store in the middle of the desert, we steamed away in a hot spring in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, we danced our ways to the front of da club to see Calvin Harris up close, we stared at the majesty that is the Grand Canyon from a secret and possibly illegal point, we hiked to the top of the Hollywood sign and checked out the Batcave, and we explored (and fell in love with) San Francisco.

We drove, we sang, we danced, we ate, we drank, we cried, we explored, we laughed.

We lived.

In our pursuit of adventure, we were honest and true and incredibly badass. Never will I forget our road trip, our spirit for exploration and travel, and the constant that was Trader Joe's. Despite Recalculating being a limited podcast series, this is real life evidence that dreams come true. We made it happen from beginning to end.

I look forward to the next dream.

Listen to Recalculating, hurr.
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