Agatha Tutia



MHCI+D: Fall Quarter Post-Mortem

Over the course of three months, I've grown and accomplished so much in my first quarter as a Master candidate of Human-Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington. And it's been a dream.

Within five days of Immersion Studio (which was only five days), my team and I designed an e-ink Orca card that syncs your bus route and notifies you when your stop is coming up. In my Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction course, we researched long-distance friendships and designed an app to help schedule video calls across time zones and log key milestone and memories of one-on-one friendships. My Ideation Studio team and I dived deep into the complexities of the judicial system. I even went on Tinder for the sole purpose of finding an attorney to interview (which I did and we met for a coffee interview.) Our research led us to design a dashboard focusing on the day-to-day tasks of clerks and judges to alleviate administrative burdens so the courts could focus on more important matters like I don't know, justice. In my User Research class, I conducted a usability evaluation, gained hands-on experience with task analysis, heuristic evaluation, think-aloud protocol, and cognitive walkthroughs, and I analyzed a research paper on immigrant women from the Caribbean and how focus groups and participatory design sessions revealed their struggles in health and wellness.

I also embraced this fire inside of me to pursue entrepreneurship. I've become a tenacious, passionate, fierce, driven, and persistent woman, and I am incredibly excited to follow this path. I have not only the leadership, the character, the skills, but the support of my family and friends to make it happen. It's been a whirlwind.

As this quarter and 2017 wraps up, I look extremely forward to what this upcoming year will bring. Most likely? A break from work to grab dinner from Trader Joe's.