Agatha Tutia



The Great Wedding Invite

There's something absolutely magical about weddings. Two souls bound together, knowing life as they know it changed forever. Declaring one's love and commitment is a baring of one's heart. There are cynics of marriage no doubt, but I believe in its merits and purpose firmly. And when I asked to design a friend's wedding invitation and she agreed, I wanted nothing more to help make her and her love's day wonderful.

The Concept

  • A December wedding avoiding the Christmas/Winter Wonderland theme.
  • Primary Colors: deep greens, deep burgundy
  • Secondary Colors: pink, beige, peach
  • Style: Watercolor winter/woodsy florals, simple


My sketches were inspired by the Pinterest board Sarah had shared with me. I wanted to start with a couple of ideas in mind: bleed or no bleed. While I'm well versed with bleeds, not that many people are. And in case you're wondering, when an invitation or poster or just anything you print has a design of some sort that goes all the way to the edge of the paper, you usually print the entire piece of a larger sized paper and then cut over the design to achieve that look. This, however, can cost more since you're using more paper and incurring a potential cutting cost, too. With non-bleeds, you can typically print and cut faster. It really depends if you're doing it on your own or through a print shop.

After the sketches, 1 and 2 were chosen to be watercolored.



The watercolorings were actually my first attempt at florals, and I have to admit I really love painting pine cones. Maybe I could have just paid for some florals on Creative Market, but I really wanted to paint them myself to learn how to do it and earn the credit of designing a wedding invite.

Talking to Sarah after showing her the pieces, they went with 1.

Drafts and Drafts and Drafts

There were a total of 11 drafts before the finalized invitation. Since I have never planned a wedding or worked on wedding invitations prior, I had no collection of etiquette, addressings, verbiage, etc. Now, I know. I learned so much about the various styles of inviting friends and family. The fact is that there's is not solely one way to make an invitation. The invitation like the wedding mirrors the personality of the couple. And after critiques and talking through, we came to the final piece.

Final And Additional Stationery

Editing the floral ring in photoshop, I took parts of it to recreate different positions in the Wedding Accomodations and RSVP cards. The overall feel for an elegant and romantic winter theme was achieved through the floral watercolor, a whimsical cursive, and a regal serif. Balancing the spacing, sizing, and style of the type enabled for the contrast and flow of information and details. Below are the particulars to the type.

Primary Type: White Snowfall
Secondary Type: Calisto MT
Primary Color: #290F10
Secondary Color: #2A3F36

Honestly, it was such a great achievement to create this set and I absolutely treasured working on this project for such a joyful and passionate woman. Congratulations on your marriage and may God bless y'all with open hearts and an abundance of joy!