Agatha Tutia



Aimee + Agatha: The Block

When I commenced this little project to cap off my 1000th post Aimee-style, I hoped to lighten my post-grad anxiety and explore my womanhood, but I failed. I failed the moment I demanded likes for validation. I failed when I compared myself to beautiful and far more successful women. I failed every time an once cherished friend unfollowed me.

Each of these failures punctured my heart with sadistic jabs. Not excruciating pain, but rhythmic taunts. I only got 47 likes? Stab. Oh, look at her perfect skin. Stab. Wait, she unfollowed me? Stab. But in an odd harrowing way, I needed to fail and be reminded none of this actually freaking matters.

These failures remind me that if I like who I am then that's more than enough. What I care for, what I don't, what I seek in life, how I set about conquering dreams, and my honest intentions - these are more important than setting a block of posts. I've learned a mountain of who I am - quirky, adventurous, passionate - and who I hope to become - a badass and confident Meryl Streep/Tina Fey/Lauren Conrad combo.

From now on, I aim to post only truly lovely, wonderful, or awesome moments, even if that breaks Aimee's rule of posting at least once a day. I don't want to be stressed everyday for not having a picture perfect moment, I want to live it and if I'm merciful and magnanimous, then I'll let ya have a peek.