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Aimee + Agatha: A Very Pink Beginning

via Anthropologie

via Anthropologie

Meandering through aisles of infinite books, my eyes caught something pretty and pink resulting in a studious pause. "Capture Your Style - Transform Your Instagram Photos, Showcase Your Life, and Build the Ultimate Platform," read the cover in a black classic serif. Normally, I abstain from this word, but it was all so chic. I laughed cynically for a beat, Really, now? A book about Instagram? Thumbing through the pages, my judgment deceased and I decided - I needed this book.

I purchased Capture Your Style for a variety reasons, but more than anything I wanted to be more confident. I wanted to be secure with who I am, the kind of woman who is admired and respected because she lives her dream. To me, Aimme Song is that woman. Currently, I'm in that strange limbo of life that is the post-graduate-living-with-the-parents-send-help stage. Waiting to hear back from graduate schools and applying to jobs can cause undue anxiety. Turns out you can't control everything.

So I'm pulling a Julie & Julia, and for the next 460 posts (to my 1000th post), I'll be controlling what I can: my Instagram. One post per day following the Rules of Aimee. All of other rules pending as I go.

Alright, Aimee, let's do this thing.

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