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Zappos Intern: Week Two to Four

The summer is flying by and so is my adventure in Las Vegas. There's this creeping realization that I actually live here. WUT? The excitement of a new city, and not just any city, SIN CITY, has begun to wear off as streets, restaurants, suburbs have become more familiar. Turns out, Las Vegas isn't just about gambling, alcohol, and sex. Who knew?

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Zappos Intern: Prelude and Prayer

One year ago, I interned as a Business Advisory Services Intern for Grant Thornton in Dallas, TX. I loved working with the people, the mentorship I received was phenomenal, and the company was truly genuine about their values and business. But as the months rolled on, the upcoming offer to stay on became prominent. While I was confidant I'd receive an offer (and I later did), I just couldn't shake this unsteadiness in my heart...

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