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Zappos Intern: Week Five

I'm already halfway done with my internship with Zappos and 6pm and I am still in awe of being here. It's kind of crazy to think that in 5 weeks, I'll be back in the Lone Star state. These final weeks are going to fly by, but I'll make sure to enjoy each and every one...

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Zappos Intern: Prelude and Prayer

One year ago, I interned as a Business Advisory Services Intern for Grant Thornton in Dallas, TX. I loved working with the people, the mentorship I received was phenomenal, and the company was truly genuine about their values and business. But as the months rolled on, the upcoming offer to stay on became prominent. While I was confidant I'd receive an offer (and I later did), I just couldn't shake this unsteadiness in my heart...

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Making the Magic: The Expansion of Walt Disney World

This is it, my last graphic design project for school. And ain't it just so much fun to look at? The last assignment was to make an infographic and I decided to base mine off of Walt Disney World. The Summer of 2014, my brother and I went to WDW with our cousins from Brazil, and we had a blast!

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Meeting Lizzethe Barcenas and Connie Birdsall

Just a month ago, I attended the National Student Show and Conference in Dallas, TX, and boy, did I get a huge slice of humble pie. I encountered so many talented students who knew their profession and flaunted it. There was so much I didn't know about the design world! For instance, graphic design majors took classes on layout, typography, packaging, etc. whereas I only minored in Art and took 3 general graphic design classes. They were also required to have training in drawing which I totally lacked, BUT I'm taking a drawing class next semester so look out world!

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Afters: The Anthology of Sweets

Our second project of the semester was to create your own magazine focused on a type of artist. Originally, I planned on featuring nature photographers, but honestly, I was really burned out from working with nature in my previous projects (Get Out of the Box, Glider Nation). So I decided to move forward with one of my favorite things in the world... DESSERTS! I absolutely LOVE cake, ice cream, truffles, lemon bars, chocolate mousse, cookies, and the list goes on. This was something I could really put forth my time, energy, and passion into...

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Teamwork - Getting out of the Block

As a student at Texas A&M's Mays Business School, I've participated in my fair share of group projects. From marketing a travel app to competing in two case competitions to creating a functioning database for a fictional textbook rental company, I know the drill...

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Meeting Mikey Burton

When I first heard Mikey Burton was coming in to speak to inspiring graphic designers like me, I honestly didn't know anything about him. But I knew I needed to jump on board the excitement train because several of friends and classmates were already Insta-following him and knew so much about him already. It's been one semester since I really (with all my heart) began to pursue graphic design, and I knew I needed a lot of catching up within the design world...

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