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Making the Magic: The Expansion of Walt Disney World

This is it, my last graphic design project for school. And ain't it just so much fun to look at? The last assignment was to make an infographic and I decided to base mine off of Walt Disney World. The Summer of 2014, my brother and I went to WDW with our cousins from Brazil, and we had a blast!

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Afters: The Anthology of Sweets

Our second project of the semester was to create your own magazine focused on a type of artist. Originally, I planned on featuring nature photographers, but honestly, I was really burned out from working with nature in my previous projects (Get Out of the Box, Glider Nation). So I decided to move forward with one of my favorite things in the world... DESSERTS! I absolutely LOVE cake, ice cream, truffles, lemon bars, chocolate mousse, cookies, and the list goes on. This was something I could really put forth my time, energy, and passion into...

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