Agatha Tutia

half blade half silk

half blade half silk

An Honest Photography-Poetry Showcase


Visual Design | Freelance Design


Design a showcase of client Ris Boras' photography to Rupi Kaur's poems.

My Roles

Visual Design, Project Planning, Creative Collaboration.


3 weeks



After working on the Windrose Magazine Issue 01 project, Ris Boras reached out to me to lay out a portfolio of her photography laced with poems by Rupi Kaur. How could I say no?

Ris wanted a very simple, neutral, but impactful aesthetic. Each of photos were paired with a poem by Rupi Kaur. I had some leeway to change those relationships or omit but Ris countered for some which I'm glad she did. I decided based off of my knowledge from working at Zappos that people liked to scroll down through lookbooks (especially if they were on their phones) that I would lay it out in that form, but it’s intent not for CTAs or clicks, but for a slow-moving experience.



This particular project froze in time a broken heart. In the midst of working on this, a relationship ended. I was devastated. I channeled that pain and hurt into something haunting and honest.

I am thankful for the opportunity Ris gave me and to have laid out such beautiful and human encapturements alongside the raw words of Rupi.