Agatha Tutia
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Dreamer + Tinkerer + Explorer

Here are my passion pursuits, visual pieces, and other graduate endeavors.


Recalculating Podcast

My best friend Deanna and I road tripped from Houston to Seattle for half a month and recorded our experience. In the podcast, we share our journey, our failures, our wins, and really weird moments through the American landscape.

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Immersion Studio:Interactive E-Ink Orca Card

What if e-ink was dirt cheap? In our 5-day introductory studio to the MHCI+D Program, we were given this prompt to design technology-first solution. After my team decided on public transportation, I hopped on a bus and interviewed riders about their experiences. We presented on the last day an interactive transportation card that visually changed as you moved along your bus route journey.


2017 VR Hackathon: Ava

In crafting the fantasy adventure-journy VR game Ava, I led the team in usability practices and in crafting the story of the cursed city of Mattana. I also compiled a UX Guidelines and Interaction List in the two days with the developers.


Prototype Final: The Candid Cam

Inspired by the Selfie Plant, I thought it would be cool to build a device that took a time lapse of our design studio. I coded the camera to take pictures every 15 minutes and store it into a SD card. Despite being intially intimidated by it, I absolutely love hard wiring and coding for the Arduino Uno.


I cry when I leave you.
Not because I love you so dearly that it hurts to part,
but because I feel nothing.


As a way to process heavy emotions, I express myself through the written form of poetry. It's one of my dreams to publish a book and I'm currently collecting my favorite pieces.