Agatha Tutia
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Selected Works


Selected Works

passion pursuits, visual designs, and other Graduate Endeavors


Recalculating Podcast:
Cohost and photographer

My best friend Deanna and I decided to document our road trip from Houston to Seattle and share our journey, our failures, our wins, and really weird moments.

half blade half silk:
Photo/Poetry Portfolio

With the photography of Ris Boras and the words of Rupi Kaur, this is the most brutally honest art piece I have worked on. Scroll through and just feel.

Zappos and 6PM:
Visual Design Internship

During my visual design internship with Zappos' Creative Team, I visually constructed look books and a Pinterest Campaign.


Windrose Magazine:

In charge of the entire visual layout of the magazine, I take deep pride in giving these stories and accounts on emerging adulthood the respect they deserve. Each article is visually communicated in awe-inducing experience. This is not a skim read, but a slow and intentional connection. I have designed two issues, graphically designed pieces, and bylined in conducting an interview.

For Issue 2, we crowdfunded $5,212 via Kickstarter. In that month of raising money, I produced social media content (magazine mocks and variations of copy), I reached out to friends for additional social media outreach, and pushed for a video which helped us through our valley of hopeless death. I hustled hard to reach our $5,000 goal.

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Immersion Studio:
Interactive E-Ink Orca Card

What if e-ink was dirt cheap? In our 5-day introductory studio to the MHCI+D Program, we were given this prompt to design anything using this technology. On the first day of class, after my team and I decided to pursue public transportation, I hopped on a bus and interviewed bus-riders what was great and annoying about their bus experiences. We designed and presented an interactive transportation card that changed visually as you moved along your bus route journey. 

AR Review

A brisk look at Augmented Reality, academia, my experiences, and takeaways.

Prototype Final:
The Candid Cam

Inspired by the Selfie Plant, I thought it would be so cool to design, build and code a device that could take pictures of the studio, create a time lapse, and post it on social media automatically. I was able to code it out to just take pictures every 15 minutes, then manually do the rest. Despite being intimidated by it, turns out I absolutely love working with Arduino and prototyping physical devices.


2017 VR Hackathon: Ava

With only two days to create a VR experience, I worked as a UX Designer for a game called Ava, an adventure-journey game inspired by Monument Valley's emotional design. I compiled a UX Guidelines and Interaction List while testing and giving feedback