Agatha Tutia

Zappos and 6pm

Zappos and 6pm

visual design

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During summer 2016, I worked with Zappos' 6pm Team as a Visual Design Intern. I had the pleasure of working with the amazing creative team, designing for the premium discount e-commerce store.

The Fall Booties Guide


When designing The Fall Booties Guide, I realized how important it was to work along with the photography and copy instead of blatantly designing. Taking advice from my team at 6pm, I focused more on creating an easy to scroll landing page featuring the products in a simple, but loose style that still presented itself as fall fashion worthy.


summer 2016 pins

After attending my first Merchandising Recap Meeting and hearing the Buyers present the summer trends, I decided to start a project in relation to these findings.

Research (4 days)

I met with April, our Pinterest manager, to understand how Pinterest and pinning worked from an e-commerce point of view. I also conversed with several of the buyers to confirm trends and how I could identify trends in the future. Finally, I shadowed the photoshoot studio's photographers and stylists to familiarize myself with how production works in concurrence with Social Media.

design and release (1 week)

For the Pinterest campaign, I listed the top 7 trends (ghillie, pom-poms, tassels and fringe, ankle wraps, jumpsuits, off-the-shoulders, and denim), curated products for each from, created the corresponding go-to link, tied in my own written copy, and posted the pins to the Pinterest. Each pin was released every other day.